Intellectual Property Notice

Intellectual Property Notice

Using The 4BP Method™ and how you can refer to our Training Method on the Internet.


The 4BP Horses and the 4BP Method name, logos and slogans may not be used on an Unofficial Web Site. The name 4BP Horses™, 4BP™, The 4BP Method™and all of their logos are the intellectual property of 4BP Horses.

The 4BP Horses™ Trademarks may be used under certain Limited Circumstances on an Unofficial Web Site. The 4BP Horses™ trademark (but not the logo) may be used in a non-commercial manner to refer to our products or training methods which are shown or discussed on a web site, as long as the trademark is not unduly emphasized or used in a way that can lead an observer to mistakenly believe that the site is sponsored or authorized by 4BP Horses. Whenever your site refers to our products or training methods we prefer (but do not require) that you include a link to our site:

Proper Use of 4BP Horses™ Trademarks on a Web Site:

If a 4BP Horses. trademark is used at all, it should always appear with a ™ symbol each time they are used (i.e., 4BP Horses™ or The 4BP Method™).

The 4BP Horses Trademark cannot be used in an Internet Address:
The 4BP Horses should not be incorporated into an Internet address. This would be creating the misleading impression that 4BP Horses sponsored the internet address or page.

Use a Disclaimer

A disclaimer should be used when any of our trademarks appear on a Web page. An appropriate disclaimer would be:
“4BP Horses™ is a trademark of 4BP Horses. which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site”.

However, a disclaimer will not serve to undo an improper trademark use. Therefore, use of the logo or improper use of other 4BP Horses trademarks cannot be made proper by including a disclaimer.

If you are not sure whether a word, logo or slogan is one of our trademarks, please feel free to email us and ask:


A copyright is a legal protection provided by the law of the United States (and other countries) designed to punish those who reproduce (i.e., copy in whole or in part), perform (i.e., put on a public demonstration of the 4BP Method, for instance), display (like on a web site), or otherwise disseminate original works of authorship without the permission of the copyright owner. Copyright laws protect all of our web site content, any future produced DVDs, streaming videos, photographs, any future books, and any other info-product we create.

4BP Horses owns the copyrights to our web site content, DVD’s, streaming videos, photographs, books, and other written instructional materials. Copying, scanning and distributing these materials on the Internet would be an infringement of our copyrights.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.