Looking to train about 240- 360 quality wild station bred horses in 4-6 weeks. 

Normally sell for $3,000 -$5,000 but for the flood victims of Northern Qld I am thinking $500 each. 

It will require some Good Will from Good People. 

I am thinking people can name and sponsor a horse to a station or simply donate to the cause. 

4BP will require about 12 people to ride the newly trained horses morning and night , maybe ringers from local properties. 

My crew that is about to arrive in Alice Springs for an Indigenous suicide awareness clinic and a number of community clinics can roll onto Mt Isa in a few weeks and start immediately. 

Sound horses for quick establishment on properties to assist in the rebuilding and allow every dollar to be spent on stock replacement. 

I should image that no horse group on earth has ever attempted such a feat. 

That’s 60 horses per week. 

So anyone wanting to be part of such an epic project please private message me (see the red button bellow).

Anyone with quality station bred horses that want to donate, please private message me. 

Fodder, accommodation, food and freight to help out.

Please share to those in need, could help or wants to help.

Let’s get Northern Queensland up and running.

4BP Horses and Brumbies 4 Recovery will be donating close to $1,000,000 in kind.

Private Message Me Here: